Blue Raven Art Studio – Gallery

In a rural area of St. George is a small area called Kayenta. It has many adobe style houses of mostly retirees had built into the canyons and gulches of this desert oasis.  Within this art village is the Coyote Gulch Art Village where there are businesses, restaurants, entertainment facilities and galleries. Among these galleries is a gallery called Blue Raven Art Studio-Gallery.

My first experience at Kayenta there only one gallery was open and it was late in the evening. My second experience all the shops were open for a tour called Arts to Zion Studio Tour back in January.  I remember walking in to Blue Raven Art Studio-Gallery and there was an artist I knew, Mary Manning, who greeted us and as we talked I had this incredible feeling there. I knew I had to have a studio space somewhere. That is when I started my 2017: My Year for Art Project.

I had goals for this year. I wrote them down. I have been accomplishing some of these goals, some I am still working on. Goals such as participating in shows, joining more guilds, entering competitions, making more connections, selling work… etc. etc.

One goal that I had was by the end of January I wanted to have a studio space. My friend, Valerie and I even looked at places to rent and drove around the area looking for the right place. I wanted to find a place that was affordable. It was proving to be a challenge. Then we unintentionally set the idea aside and concentrated on other aspects of our careers. I thought I would just have to give up on that idea.

Then one night Valerie and I went out and we both felt like our purpose as an artist was getting put aside and we didn’t like that feeling. I asked her if she wanted to revive our idea to get a studio space. It was agreed we would try again. 

The next day Valerie received an email that went out advertising there was not only one space, but two spaces opening up at the Blue Raven Art Studio-Gallery. She forwarded it on to me. Yes! Absolutely, we must check it out. We scheduled a time to meet with Carol and Kathy. As soon as I walked into the gallery I knew it was meant to be. That same wave of emotion I felt back in January had returned. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe that we were meant to be open to the idea at that moment so that we could end up at the Blue Raven. 

Blue Raven is a very creative art space. It is a working artist and teaching studio and gallery. Carol teaches kids classes there and they informed us that we could teach classes as well. I can create my pieces and immediately hang it all the wall to try and sell it. What an incredible opportunity to develop my art, to grow as an artist and to create more connections. I feel inspired being among some incredible artists. 

Getting into the art gallery confirmed that this is definitely my year of art.

Here are photos of the space:

Outside view of Blue Raven.
When you step inside you’re taken into a large room with 8 artist spaces. It’s magical.
Inside view of the front.
Classroom. It’s really bright in there, the photo was taken dark.
I have a few more items but this my space. I love it.

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