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ALimages_Icons_R2Before I went to college websites were starting to really take off. While I worked as a secretary I learned the basic HTML and thought it was fun. By the time I got to take a web design class in college, CSS style sheets and HTML5 was all new.  I was way in over my head. I really struggled with that class. I kept thinking, “as a designer I should get it!” Because it wasn’t part of my major—as much as I feel it should have been—the one class was all I got and I went on my way.

Here I am a few years later and my website needed to be redone. I have more design work to showcase and I no longer felt that I should be presenting my work with a “powered by…” at the bottom. Due to circumstances I decided to tackle this whole web design thing myself.

Wow. It certainly has been an experience. Luckily, I had some help from Clyde Lovett of Crestone Creations, he is amazing and knowledgable. I was able to hire him to do some work but he also gave me the confidence I needed to get as a far as I did. I would walk away at times and exclaim “I am not a web designer” or “I just can’t see beyond print!” To get my print graphic designer mind to see things as an infinite canvas was almost impossible. But I kept molding my brain to see it differently and soon most things started to make some sense. (Yay for tutorials!)

ALimages-Website HomeIs my website perfect? No, not at all.  But it does look good, easy to navigate, presents my design and photography work very nicely. I spent hours learning, researching and applying and as a result I have gained a new technology skill. I learned by trail and error and searching through Google. Yay, for Google!

I have a lot more to learn. There will be an updated website here in the near future but for now I feel like I have accomplished a major feat and climbed over a huge career boulder. I may get to understand this web design world after all.

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